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Our Scope

We are a transparent trading Outfit providing high value, competitive, faster, reliable and professional trade practices. We facilitate a smooth flow of Goods from manufactures to end users and other middle entities. We meet business challenges  innovatively and pride in our years of on ground Business thus responding proactively to our customer’s needs in current  volatile economic environment. Our passion to team up with our clients in finding viable solutions that help us all to increase the  bar, is our most endeared reasons for their patronage to our kind of service. Combining market research statistics with financial  resource complexities, we deliver flexible satisfactory options for the entire gamut. With a back up of lean dedicated staff and  the zeal to succeed, Walke Selman EA Ltd is lean but efficient trading outfit exercising its core capabilities in the fast-developing  discipline of Global trading, blending trading knowledge with proper logistics know how without necessarily exaggerating our  capabilities. 

Our vast product range comprising of both specialties and commodities are sourced from both international and local primary  producers on an exclusive and non-exclusive basis. By working closely with our Principals/Suppliers we are able to provide  high quality and competitive products backed up with the required technical support. We enjoy a good challenge and are  always looking to expand our abilities. If you have a need for a chemical product that is outside the norm or need an existing  product altered, Walke is your solution. We have no problem modifying existing products or engineering new products to meet  the demands of our clients. It’s what we do. 

We command a sizeable clientele, one that understands and appreciates our acumen thus translating to a mutual business  development. We aim to be able to provide a one stop solution to a host of trade Entrepreneurs with like minded business  ambitions and seek to expand our scope of business in the cherished Aviation and Chemicals industries worldwide.  Welcome you to our world of trade